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Friday 25 March 2011

Women and Typewriters (Part X - final)

So there it all is, my tribute to women and typewriters, a 10-post essay in (mostly) imagery.
The typewriter has helped give women financial independence:

It has been used by great women writers, including, among many, Australia's own Christina Stead and English novellist Barbara Pym:
It could in itself be called a muse:

It is involved in a vast amount of advertising and photography:

And it all began with this ...


Tom said...

G'day, mate! Love this sort of stuff. Thanks for posting.

Robert Messenger said...

Thanks, Tom, appreciate it. It was a pleasure doing the postings. I'm glad somebody else likes it as well!

Tom Furrier said...

I've really enjoyed reading your Women and Typewriters series. That was fun to read. The imagery was fantastic, like a trip through time. Great job!

notagain said...

I love that award. We really must do something like it.

Ted said...

Great job, excellent photos. I just wish they blew up a bit bigger (: