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Monday 13 May 2013

Good Typewriter Day, Good News Day, Good Friday, Good Karma, Good Companions

One Good Companion deed deserves another
Told you so! I'd written my typecast a day before spotting this, posted two weeks ago by US Typospherian Winston Alden on his blog The Pipe and Grumble. It seems Jasper Lindell, Scott Kernaghan and Richard Polt had all seen it before me! Doctor Who's typewriter of choice is definitely NOT this:
The tricky bits, fixed on all three IGC model ones.
A bit of a tidy up: Some of the typewriters encased and labelled. This is the result of my IGC model one No 1 going temporarily missing. Something positive came of it during the three-day search.


Unknown said...

That is one gorgeous typewriter. I want one more than ever now! What a piece of design.

Jasper Lindell said...

That Good Companion is stunning! The decals! The keys! Wonderful!

I will always be indebted for your help with my IGC, and I have to agree about Tom Baker.

Rob Bowker said...

Only Saturday driving up to (of all places, Leicester!) we were discussing favourite doctor. Pre-RTD it has to be Troughton for me. Post-RTD? Eccleston. The prices of a good shiny IGC are crazy. I have been looking out for one for Mr Adney but as yet to no avail.

Bill M said...

Very great looking typewriter.

Congratulations on your successful repairs.

I often wondered how you kept up with which machine you have where. I only have about 2 dozen and I need to rely on tags I place on the handles, especially on all my similarly cased machines.

Richard P said...

You've been busy!

That IGC looks incredibly glossy. Fresh from the factory!