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Monday 6 May 2013

Triumph Perfekt Portable Typewriter

This Triumph Perfekt has the serial number 429303
and was made in May 1943, so it celebrates its 70th birthday this month.
It has a key (above the 3) with my initials. Just kidding: RM in this case stands for Reichsmark, the German currency from 1924 to 1948.


Bill M said...

Very nice typewriter. I do not have one, but I have had one on my wish list for over a year. I keep getting out bid.

TonysVision said...

My excuse to myself for bidding (it doesn't take much) on that burgundy Triumph was that I also cherish a Triumph TR6. I got a fun photo a couple of days ago when a fellow on a Triumph motorcycle asked to share my parking place. If only I'd had my typewriter along to set on the hood - it would have been perfekt.