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Saturday 18 May 2013

Spit and Polish for 1925 Corona 4 Portable Typewriter

It was just sitting there, looking all forlorn and sorry for itself. Battered and bruised and very grubby. So grubby it looked as if it had gained a bit of excess around the gills.
Finally I took pity on it. I got sick of it looking at me like that. I can't use this typewriter yet, because the mainspring needs fixing. But at least while it waits for me to do that, it can feel a little bit better about itself. A bit spruced up and almost ready to return to the fray - with a brand new space bar already fitted, replacing one snapped in half. 
Cheering up a Corona 4 portable, that's been my lot for the day. You might even spot a drying teardrop.
Serial number H509758 (1925, second year of production)

BAILNOTE: For the benefit of Ted Munk, who hadn't seen such a thing before, I have added in a few more images of Corona 4s with paper bails:
Wim Van Rompuy Collection
Alan Seaver Collection
These images from Etsy:


Bill M said...

Great job Robert. Your Corona looks like it just arrived from the factory.

Richard P said...

Looks spiffy!

Ted said...

Interesting. I haven't seen a Corona 4 with a paper bail before (:

Scott K said...

Looking great there Rob! I wish it was ready to go, as it really seem to be screaming - type on me!

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Bill, Richard, Ted and Scott for your comments. I like the words "spiffy", too seldom used these days.
Ted, I have added in a few more images of Corona 4s with paper bails, including those from Wim Van Rompuy's and Alan Seaver's collections. :)

Ted said...

ooh, nifty! I wish mine had a paper bail. Paper fingers just don't ever work very well.