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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Summertime Blues

 'Spend Christmas skiing with mixed party in remote Scottish highlands':
Aqualung, 'my friend'


Don Lampert said...

Robert, you are a wise man, and a poet.
I too have an "Aqualung" memory -
Boston 1970-71. A group of us had driven from our Junior College in Franklin, Mass to see Jethro Tull. After parking,we'd walked into the Boston Commons to get stoned, then across the park to the
(I believe ) Metropolitan Theatre, a huge old baroque 20's movie palace. It was tired and dingy, but grand and cavernous! I felt quite small, but a part of something magnificent.
The concert is a faded memory, but we stood on the velvet seats and cheered. As they broke into Aqualung, I had one of those moments of focus and clarity, and a "knowing" that "all was as it should be!"
Wow, that takes me back - Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Marilyn said...

As usual, you are a stylish raconteur. Your descriptions brought Dublin back to life for me. Nice.
Cheers,Marilyn J.