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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Writing = Typewriter

Ever noticed how often writing competitions, or articles about writers and advising writers, are promoted with the use of typewriter images? This is telling would-be writers something, right? The regular use of typewriter images occurred to me when two popped up in my reading material in the past few days, one of a Princess portable on the cover of The Weekend Australian 'Review' liftout and the other for a P.G. Wodehouse essay competition in The Literary Review (a publication in which typewriters are often used in writing competition ads). I lost count of the number I found during a quick search of Google Images, and that's not including many of the calls for submissions or advice on writing book reviews. Here is a small selection:


Richard P said...

Yes! The typewriter still powerfully symbolizes the act and craft of creative writing (even if the World Poetry Day graphic features a drawing of a fake "Govrland"). I made this argument to the Unicode Technical Committee, but it did not yield a typewriter emoji.

Ted said...

works for me (: