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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Help! The Mystery Corona 3 Typewriter. If it IS a Corona 3 ...

My friend Derrick Brown in Brisbane, Queensland, buys, meticulously restores and sells many beautifully presented old typewriters on eBay. He is a former typewriter technician and certainly knows his way around a typewriter, that's for sure.
However, he is mystified by a Corona 3 he has received from the US and which he unpacked yesterday, and he needs some help:
"It just did’nt look right," says Derrick. "Looking closer, I have to say I have never seen a Corona 3 like it.
"The first thing is the typebars are totally different to normal. When you turn the machine round there is a half moon plate across the back which when taken off reveals several banks of screws!
"The ribbon mechanism again is nothing like normal, the machine is narrower than usual, the escapement is totally different. The typebar rest pad and even the type guide are not the same.
"I wondered if it could have been a Fox badged with Corona but after looking on the net I don’t think that’s it."
Derrick wonders whether it is a transitional prototype between the Standard Folding and the Corona 3.
"One thing for sure, it’s rare. I can find no serial number ...  It is in no way the usual Corona 3."


Bill M said...

That is one interesting old typewriter. I'm too new at this to know the difference between this one an a Corona 3 although I never say any typewriter or teletype for that matter with all those screws.

Richard P said...

I think it's an early #3 which used individually hung typebars instead of a slotted sector. If the front nameplate is still there he should look for "(Standard Folding Typewriter)" in small print under "Corona."

Peter Weil is the person to answer the question with real knowledge, though. I'll send him your way!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I chanced upon this post while trying to find out more about the Corona 3 that I have. It is similar to this machine in that it has no serial number, is made by standard typewriter company and below the Corona has in brackets "standard folding typewriter". If its not too much trouble and if you have any information about this I am pretty keen to find out. Many thanks!


Bear child said...

Can anyome tell me where to buy rail guides for the corona 3?