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Monday 30 January 2012

Men Can Type with Royalites, too!

This series of images was issued by the Royal Typewriter Company on June 10, 1956, to promote Royal’s new Dutch-made portable, the Royalite.
The caption which went with the photographs is hilarious. It reads:
Typist's treat
New York: Finding that good things do come in small packages, a secretary admires a new three-inch-high, eight-pound portable typewriter.
Having a full standard-sized keyboard, the Royalite's design is sleekly modern with all the vital working parts enclosed in gray-green metal casing.
The tiny typewriter's portfolio-type carrying case, designed in simulated leather made of vinyl plastic, is a smart bonus feature.
The choice of colours for the case - red, dark green, and natural tan - make it a costume accessory, yet the tailored design makes it suitable for use by men too.


Adwoa said...

The red case is simply stunning! I loved looking at the photos of the ladies with the cases, too, showing how much of a fashion accessory the Royalite was :)

Pity these cases generally don't show up in great condition, although the tan one you pictured is certainly well-preserved.

Bill M said...

Nice typewriter. Bet Sophia (Knot Magick) wished her Royalite turned out as nice as these. I'd hate to see what happens if the lady holding the typewriter as a hand bag used it to swat someone! I have a Facit with a case much like one of these (in great shape too).

Cameron said...

THIS man would certainly like one of these Royalites. With the elegant case, of course! ;-)

Richard P said...

Confirming Adwoa's observation, I picked up one of these typewriters locally last month and the case was cracking, unfortunately.

I see she's going to work for "mad men" at Young & Rubicam.

Anonymous said...

something about this royal royalite that is pleasing to the eye
its cute!