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Wednesday 11 January 2012

New Typewriter Collector in Town

Famous Australian barrister Jack Pappas has returned to Canberra after nine years in Queensland, practising in the Wide Bay city of Bundaberg. In doing so, Mr Pappas has added to the federal capital city’s population of typewriter collectors. To the best of my knowledge, that number now stands at two.
Mr Pappas’s return to the Australian Capital Territory was heralded in a page six picture story in The Canberra Times at the weekend. Richard Brigg’s photos taken for Natasha Rudra’s story showed Mr Pappas with three of his typewriters, a Corona 3, a Hermes 3000 and a Royal Safari.
Mr Pappas was made famous in Helen Garner's book Joe Cinque's Consolation, after he defended student Anu Singh on a charge of killing her boyfriend in 1997 by lacing his coffee with Rohypnol then injecting him with heroin.
Mr Pappas told Rudra he is a also former weightlifter who billed himself as "the strongest lawyer in the world" - that is, until he went to a competition in South Africa and ran into a colleague who could lift more than him.
Still, I'm sure Mr Pappas can still lift a 1950s Underwood Electric, if need be! He described himself to Rudra he was as an “avid” collector of typewriters.

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