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Monday 30 January 2012

Well worth a look: Short film on New York typewriter repairman

Matthew Davis Walker has contacted me, drawing my attention to "a little film I made about one of the last sales and service typewriter businesses in New York City - Gramercy Typewriter Company, which is owned and operated by Paul Schweitzer. I thought perhaps you and your readers might enjoy it ..."
Indeed I did enjoy it. And I thoroughly recommend that all typewriter lovers take a mere five minutes out of their day to have a look at this.
The film, along with Matt's story on Paul, can be found at
Matthew Davis Walker (below)is a Brooklyn-based director and producer "captivated with telling memorable stories through film and still photography".
Matt's story starts beautifully, "Eight million people live in New York City. The great metropolis needs no more introduction than that, but Paul Schweitzer does. Paul, at 72-years-old with thinning silver hair, stands like a relic from a bygone era in a three-piece, tailored suit and tells us that he fixes typewriters for a living."
This is the gentleman I posted about on December 20, when a New York Daily News story on him, headlined "Old-school typewriters make a comeback among new generation of writers", by Erin Durkin, appeared at


Cameron said...

I found myself very touched by this sweet little film. What a great man Paul Schweitzer is!

I hope his grandson eventually carries on the family business, despite his current protestations to the contrary.

Richard P said...

I love it. I have met the Schweitzers in person and they are great people.