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Tuesday 10 January 2012

I Fell Into a Ring of Typewriters

Taken some years ago
Some may recall that late last year a few of my typewriters appeared on the cover and featured inside the first issue of a new Australian magazine, Smith Journal.
I gather the magazine staff subsequently fielded a few enquiries about my collection. As a result, they decided to find out a little bit more about me and my typewriters, through an interview, to be used on the Journal's blog.
I discovered tonight that this post has been up for more than a month now. I provide here a link to it, but I hope any who read it will forgive any slight exaggerations and immodesty - it would seem that in some places I got a little carried away during the interview. (I hasten to add I had nothing to do with the choice of images)
Well, anyway, lots of people seem to be buying it and taking photographs of the cover, and also inside, in lots of various places, and putting their lovely photos on the web, which is good, I suppose ... (I swear, I found all these on one quick Google image search):


maschinengeschrieben said...

That's an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

shordzi said...

Robert, this is hilarious! Fantastic interview! Viva la comunidad internacional de los typewriter! And its Australian ambassador!

Richard P said...

Great interview, doesn't seem immodest at all. How nice to see those photos of people reading the magazine!

Ted said...

I'm sad to find that I'm not a real typewriter collector, as I lack any Blicks in my corral (: