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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rocky Jones's Typewriters Unlimited

Richard Polt has just typecast on his blog mention of the typewriter book, Typewriters Unlimited, self-published by C. LeRoy ("Rocky") Jones in 1956. Sadly, I can only find two scans of pages from the book, which I have never been able to get my hands on. From memory, I was outbid for a copy which came up on eBay some years ago, and as (small) compensation the successful bidder sent me a couple of sample page scans. Anyone who knows how to buy a copy, or knows anything about Rocky, please let me know. Anyway, here is what I have of it:


Richard P said...

All I know is that it's a rare self-published book from the late '50s or so. Unusual in that most typewriter histories don't cover anything after WWII. I got it on Interlibrary Loan years ago but neglected to copy it, and after paging through it in Milwaukee I want a copy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard-
I am Rocky Jones grandson and I am sure that in my inventory, I have the original manuscript if not the original book. Soon as I find it I will let you know.