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Thursday 26 May 2011

Cloudy Red Royal Typewriters

I was especially interested today to see Richard Polt's post about the "cloudy" paint effect on the red Royal and the repaint job he is doing on his once-rusty Optima. I've often been tempted to attempt to somehow duplicate the "cloudy" look of those Royals, so I will be very interested indeed to see how Richard's experiment with the Optima turns out. So far, so good ... it's looking great. There's no doubt that while the "cloudy" Royals looked excellent so long as the paint didn't chip or get mucky, they were a mess once it did. I once had them in all shades, including yellow, but it was especially hard to disguise the damage to the paintwork on the yellow one. The dark "cloudy" effect starts to look plain dirty, and it's impossible to do a matching "touch-up" job on even tiny chips when one is dealing with this sort of paint.
I was also reminded of a "cloudy" red Royal I won some years ago on eBay in the US - this was a doc I put together at the time (get the picture?):
You can just see a couple of my "cloudy" Royals on the right hand side of this photo. I can't find the one I took of the whole collection:

1 comment:

Richard P said...

Your red and blue ones look gorgeous!

The picture from your collection is a glutton's feast. I've never seen a Corona Four like the blue one on the left, with sort of zebra-striped panels. Dazzling!