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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Typosphere to a T: More Typewriter T-shirts

Nine T-shirts, two sweaters, one polo neck. That should keep me going for the next three weeks. Thanks to Rob Bowker for egging me on with his great artwork.
 (Also special thanks to Alan Seaver of Machines of Loving Grace, Ryan Adney and, of course, Ted. To anyone I've missed, my apologies)


Ted said...

May you never lack for something to wear (:

Rob Bowker said...

Great graphics Robert. Especially like John (Typewrunner) with Aristocrat aloft. Are they museum give-aways or do you really wear them all yourself?

Robert Messenger said...

I wear them all. By now I probably have one for each day of the next two years! Just as well the weather's good here.