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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Valentine goes on an Adventure and Has a Big, Fat Baby

In his listing description, the seller said, “I think you should buy it and film a retro commercial of the Ultrabright girl putting this in her bike basket and pedalling over to a friend's house to write secret letters to the boys they have crushes on. Or you should buy it to display in your house of 1000 typewriters. Either way, YOU SHOULD BUY THIS :-)”
Well, I did buy it, for better or for worse. But is this the “Ultra Brite Girl” to whom he refers? Farrah Fawcett looks a bit old for a toy typewriter! Then again, maybe I am too?
Still, as it turns out, his Adventure is now on display in a house of a 1000 typewriters, so he was right on the money there!


Rob Bowker said...

Does the obsession know no end? From almost every aspect, that's a horrible typewriter. Ah, I see the logic. It makes the proper typers that bit more attractive and workmanlike-looking.

Ted said...

No, the obsession knows no end. If I saw such a thing at a thrift store for $5, I'd totally get it too, just because it looks like a Valentine. We are all doomed :D

Richard P said...

Definitely an interesting curiosity, and I've never seen another one! Maybe the kids who bought it were made nauseous by that seasick typed text ... Glad you got it.

Rob Bowker said...

...then you simply must get one of these: