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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Rocky Jones's Typewriters Unlimited

Richard Polt has just typecast on his blog mention of the typewriter book, Typewriters Unlimited, self-published by C. LeRoy ("Rocky") Jones in 1956. Sadly, I can only find two scans of pages from the book, which I have never been able to get my hands on. From memory, I was outbid for a copy which came up on eBay some years ago, and as (small) compensation the successful bidder sent me a couple of sample page scans. Anyone who knows how to buy a copy, or knows anything about Rocky, please let me know. Anyway, here is what I have of it:


Richard P said...

All I know is that it's a rare self-published book from the late '50s or so. Unusual in that most typewriter histories don't cover anything after WWII. I got it on Interlibrary Loan years ago but neglected to copy it, and after paging through it in Milwaukee I want a copy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard-
I am Rocky Jones grandson and I am sure that in my inventory, I have the original manuscript if not the original book. Soon as I find it I will let you know.

Ted said...

Hey Robert - did Rocky Jones' grandson ever get ahold of you regarding his publications? I've been on a collecting binge of Rocky Jones books and just managed to get a copy of the 1970 revision of "Typewriters Unlimited". I'll get you a scan as soon as it shows up in the mail. (:

Robert Messenger said...

Hi Ted. No, never heard back from him. Wasn't quite sure if he was addressing me or Richard P. Without an email address I couldn't contact him. I did ask Richard P about it, not sure whether Richard was able to get in touch with him.

Ted said...

Turns out he did contact Richard, last contact 2015, and confirmed he's found the manuscript, but still no copy. Latest update: