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Monday 23 May 2011

Interesting Typewriters For Sale

This lovely and rare Austrian-made Unda portable, listed by a Swiss seller, failed to reached the reserve price after six bids took the bidding to $US661.
This gorgeous New American attracted 23 bids and sold for £1025 on British eBay.
This Virotyp is being offered by a French seller for 149 euros.
This version of a Frolio, being offered by an Israeli seller, is described as a "Judaica Hebrew typewriter 'Iwria'" and has type elements for three languages, apparently. It's starting price is $US1100 and the buy it now price $US1300.
This intriguing Mignon-like Czech-made Tip-Tip, being sold by a Polish eBayer, has  a mere £75 on it.
This American index typewriter has a $US749 buy it now price on it. 
This rare white Valentine is being offered in a combined deal with the much more common red by a Spain seller for $US700. 
This "Sterling Horlen" (?) is being offered in Britain, in one package with three sewing machines, all up for £20.
PS: After I first posted this, Richard Polt pointed out the machine is a German Siemag. He offered this photograph of a beautiful example (but I'm not sure whether it is from his own collection):
On his European Typewriter Project page on the Siemag,
Will Davis says this was a post-World War II brand. Siemag stands for Siegener Maschinenbau. Wills says that in the early 1960s Siemag sold its production to Messa of Portugal.
Talking of things Portuguese, I thought initially this Montgomery Ward Model 22 on US eBay might have been a Messa. But ...
PS: Another Richard, Richard Amery in Sydney, quickly responded to this post by pointing out this model is yet another Antares (I thought it looked familiar). It is listed on Will Davis's pages as a Lisa 30:
Richard Amery has it as a Craftamatic Mark I:

 Thank you again to the two Richards, as reliable as ever!

1 comment:

Richard P said...

Thanks for sharing your eagle eye.

The Sterling says "Siemag" to me.

That's a beautiful Unda. The only typewriter I know of with a compartment in back for storing ribbons or other mysterious items.

On Saturday I saw one of those plastic QDL's for only $2. It was terrible, with a broken segment. Could have bought it for parts, but I didn't even want it taking up room in my basement!