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Wednesday 9 April 2014

$52,500 for Two Typewriters

The latest newsletter (No 28) from Auction Team Breker arrived from Cologne yesterday. It highlighted some of the "excellent auction results of the past year", which included 22,750 euros ($US31,250, $A33,420) for this 1895 Ford typewriter.
Last month this Brooks typewriter sold on US eBay for $US17,778 ($A19,180) - that's $US49,028 ($A52,417) for just two typewriters! The starting price for the Brooks was $20, and it took a mere 23 bids to get it up over $17,000.
Here are a few other highlights from Team Breker that may be of interest:


Steve Snow said...

Where's the typeslugs on that Ford? Is it like a push-rod typewriter or something?

Ted said...

breathtaking. :D
even moreso the Apple machine prices. Sheesh, I remember when Sun was remaindering unsold Apple Lisas for $150 a pop sometime in the 80's. Really should've bought a few and kept 'em boxed up 'till now.

Bill M said...

Unbeleiveable prices. Then like Ted when I see what old computer things sell for I wish I would have kept my old computer things around and when the old Lisas were being sold off, bought a few and kept them.