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Sunday 12 October 2014

Built Fortissimo. Types Allegro. Sounds Pianissimo*. The Advertising Life of the Royal Safari Portable Typewriter

*Strongly (?), swiftly, softly
As the hunt goes on for the Corona Silent platen knob, typewriters leave here by the score and the house yet again gets completely re-arranged (space is magically appearing all over), I have managed to reach the stock of Royal Safari portable typewriters, or like models (Imperial, Sabre, Caravan, Custom et al). Some time ago, when Nick Bodemer asked about my apparent prejudice against Royal Safaris (one wouldn't think so by the number I own!), I decided to type test the lot. But before I do that, here are some full-page advertisements for the Safari from LIFE magazine, November 1963 to December 1967:
Most references have the Safari as being launched in 1964 (Wikipedia, OMEF etc). In fact, it was launched in late November 1963 (above). Dylan used his Caravan at Woodstock in August 1964.
February 1964
May 1964
September 1964
November 1964
 December 1964 
 March 1965
 May 1965. Royal McBee is now owned by Litton. Sometime after this, Safaris are made by Messa in Portugal.
 September 1965
December 1965
September 1966 
 October 1966
December 1966
December 1967 


Bill M said...

Those are some great advertisements.
I like the advice given too.

Richard P said...

I like the slogan "The Thinking Machine."

Nick Bodemer said...

My research shows an introduction date of August 1962