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Friday, 10 October 2014

Try to Remember a Kind of September: The Imperial 70 Standard Typewriter

This is one of a series of display advertisements for the Imperial 70 standard typewriter which appeared in the Australian Women's Weekly in September 1963. Seriously, it's hard to believe that is more than half a century ago now. Still, it's almost embarrassing to think of ponchos as ever being "chic". Ponchos conjure a completely different memory for me, far removed from typewriters, but that's another story for another time (and perhaps another audience?). I don't recall boaters ever being chic, or oysters for that matter. Maybe a red Ferrari ...
A brandy crusta is a Cognac cocktail. Like petticoats (and shillings), they've faded into a warm but distant mental fuzziness.
Ahh, the MGb ... now you're talking!!!


Richard P said...

Well, I like this ad campaign—clever, I say!

We should come up with a new "2014" version...

Robert Messenger said...

Richard, my entry:

Old journo Rory
Surname’s Mori
The noted Tory
From distant Warri
Tells a story
Of love and glory
That’s not too hoary
But hunky dory
And far from gory
Typed for Amory
On a Royal Scrittore

Richard P said...

Ha ha ha ha!