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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dr Keith Houston's Homemade Sholes & Glidden Typewriter

As requested by Ken Coghlan, and approved by ETCetera editor Richard Polt, here is Dr Keith Houston's article about his adventures in building a homemade Sholes & Glidden replica typewriter, which appeared in the December 2009 issue of ETCetera (No 88):
Dr Keith Houston making another sort of bird


Rob Bowker said...

A labour of love to be sure. Keith's progress reminds me of the process that steam punk designer-makers must go through. Imagine all those hoarded bits and pieces just waiting for their time to shine.

Bill M said...

Very interesting work. As Rob stated, a lobour of love. Dr. Houston must be an amazing fellow.

Ken Coghlan III said...

Thanks so much for this! An amazing article, and some interesting parts and pieces that went into that beautiful machine. I think it is amazing that he was able to get the carriage moving with the space bar, especially for what was supposed to be a non-working replica.
It really is convincing, isn't it? If I just saw that somewhere, I would automatically assume it was the real thing. Keith has a great talent in those hands of his.

Thanks again for posting this. Absolutely made my day.