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Sunday 15 July 2012

Hello Typewriter! Best Images Yet from the Exhibition Opening

Patrick Baggoley posted  these brilliant images of his daughters Imogen and Edith and his wife Jules at yesterday's typewriter exhibition opening in Canberra.
Patrick captioned this one: "Does this have Angry Birds?" Imogen gets old school at "From A to Z: Robert Messenger's Typewriters".

And this one: "Edith gets to work on her first great novel."

Patrick wrote: "The girls had fun. The Barbie typewriter and the old toy you showed them were definite hits!

If this exhibition does anything worthwhile, as Scott Kernaghan said, it will be to introduce people of this age to living art.


Ton S. said...

Very nice images. "Living art" is really a great way of putting it.

And great to see Olivettis at work!

Scott K said...

Couple of classic shots there!

Bill M said...

Congratulations on the opening. Those photos are great. It is nice to see people using typewriters, especially the children.