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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Parer's Back At War - But Where is His Remington Portable Typewriter?

From the evidence of this short trailer, it seems the filmmakers have got the wrong typewriter. It appears to me that they have Damien Parer using a standard-size typewriter, instead of the Remington portable issued to him by Paramount News. As if he didn't have enough to carry with a camera!
An Eyemo camera such as the one Parer used.
Just before the 2012 Academy Awards, I posted on war cameraman Damien Paper, Australia's first Oscar winner (Best Documentary, 1943, Kokoda Front Line!).
Now a 97-minute TV movie, Parer's War, starring Canberran Matthew La Nevez as Parer, is about to reach our small screens. It will be shown by ABC1 on Sunday, April 27, two days after Anzac Day.


Scott K said...

Looking forward to watching this. But, yeah! Where's the typewriter action!

Bill M said...

I stopped the clip at the short view of the typewriter and it sure lookis like he's using a standard. Could be that shot is in a building or even a field hut where the Army may have had full size typewriters.

Richard P said...

Well, your evidence for which kind of typewriter Parer used is well-nigh irrefutable. Too bad they didn't go for authenticity in this regard.