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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Three Adler Portable Typewriters on their way to a G O O D buyer

These three Adler portable typewriters - a Modell 32, a Klein-Adler 2 and a Favorit - will be flying like eagles to the home of a Melbourne typewriter collector, a wonderful young lady called Diane. One of them, the Klein-Adler 2, is a gift from me, in appreciation for Diane's past purchases, her courteous communications and her fulsome praise for the service she receives. Goodness, if only all typewriters buyers were like this!
Nathan in Brisbane, take a bow, you are in the same boat.
Where Diane and Nathan differ is that they know about typewriters and know about value for money. They appreciate good typewriters and have the nous to understand that these weren't made last month, they have been used for many years, and that when we say "perfect working condition", what we quite obviously mean is that a typewriter of this vintage works perfectly well for its age.  Which is pretty good, all things considered.
So Diane, I know these three Adlers have found a good new home. Thank you.

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Richard P said...

Hooray for good buyers.