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Tuesday 12 May 2015

1¾ Million

This blog reached 1¾ million pages just now. It's been averaging more than 1700 views a day for the last two years and more than one page view a minute every day for almost three years. The counter reached 250,000 on September 30, 2012, half a million on May 6, 2013, three-quarters of a million on November 30, 2013, one million on March 25 last year and 1.5 million on December 26. My Google+ page says 32.3 million views, but I have no idea what that means - simple spam fodder I assume. What I do know is that the interest in typewriters is still out there, though what I've been posting has been pretty trivial stuff. I'm hoping to encourage Christopher Long in Normandy, Richard Amery in Sydney and Michael Klein in Melbourne to join the Typosphere in the coming months, and look forward to a more serious approach from them than I've been able to muster on the subject of typewriting in the 21st century. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of starting a new blog, on sports history. Not that I expect the sporting waters to be any less shark (or spam) infested!


Miguel Chávez said...

Those are very impressive numbers, Robert, congratulations!

There are two statistics there: the number of visits, and the number of pages (or entries) visited. A single person could look at more than one entry at a time, hence the huge difference in numbers. And since you usually post several entries a day, it's only natural that each visit to the blog translates into several page views.

In any case what that means is that your blog is very, very, VERY popular, and a lot of people visit it regularly. That's a testament to your hard work and your fantastic writing skills, and that makes your blog a benchmark any of us will hardly reach. (I'm struggling to reach the 500K visit milestone!)

So, congratulations on this fantastic achievement, Robert! It's a very well deserved homage to a fantastically written blog.

Miguel Chávez said...

PS: I know this might be anathema to some bloggers, but with the kind of traffic your blog attracts maybe you should consider to monetize it with Google Adverts. Who knows? It might become a little source of income.

Bill M said...

A very hearty congratulations!!!!

Richard P said...

Very impressive!

How can it be that your Google+ has been viewed by a number that exceeds the population of many countries? Often when I look at people's Google+ page (admittedly not very often) it has just a handful of views.

I would not object to some monetization if you want to add an ad or two. The Typewriter Database is doing it.