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Saturday 30 May 2015

Actresses and Typewriters

Director Monta Bell with his star Jeanne Eagels during the filming of Man, Woman and Sin in 1927.
Actress Arlene Judge in Hollywood, 1931.
Stage actress Leonora Bonda in The Churchmouse at the Playhouse Theatre in London in 1931.
Above, Jean Harlow (1911 - 1937) studies the novel Red Headed Woman in 1932. Below, Harlow works on her novel Today is Tonight between filming scenes for her new film 100% Pure (or The Girl from Missouri) in 1933.
The wedding of Ginger Rogers and Lew Ayres in 1934.
Italian actors Tino Scotti and Nyta Dover in the comedy film La Famiglia Passaguai in 1951.
Italian actor and director Vittorio De Sica and Franca Valeri in The Sign of Venus in 1955.
Italian actresses Nanda Primavera and Franca Valeri in Piccola Posta in 1955.
Above, Sophia Loren with fan mail in 1953. Below, Loren 10 years later.
Van Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor in The Last Time I Saw Paris in 1954.
German actress Ingmar Zeisberg in 1958.
 Italian actress and journalist Lianella Carell in  Rome in 1963.
Maria Luisa Garoppo in 1956.
English novelist and playwright Barry England with his wife, actress Diane Clare in 1968.
Family Ties starred, from left, Brooke Alderson, Meredith Baxter and Terry Wills in this 1983 episode.


Bill M said...

I do not know which are prettier, the actresses or the typewriters.
What is the long lever on Arlene Judge's typewriter? A paper feed?

Bill M said...

I do not know which is prettier, the actresses or the typewriters. Just teasing.
What is the long lever on Arlene Judge's typewriter. A paper feed?

Richard P said...

Great post. Sofia Loren .... wow.

That is indeed an odd typewriter Arlene Judge is using. Some sort of accounting machine.