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Friday 7 December 2012

On This Day in Typewriter History: The Case for Olympia Typewriters

PART 195
There are few if any typewriter cases to match the one designed by Otto Winter for Olympia SMs made in Wilhelmshaven, West Germany. It's certainly one of my favourites - stylish and very practical.
Winter applied for a patent for the design on this day (December 4) in 1953.
Winter designed many other things for Olympia typewriters, including the top for this SM1 in 1954 (along with Guido Dassler).
Dwayne Fuhlhage's SM 7. See.
Winter also designed the distinctive grille for the SM7 in 1961. He was influenced in this design by the Underwood Golden Touch machines of 1957-58 and Laird Covey's design for the Royal Futura, as well as the SM3 of 1959.


Miguel Chávez said...

I agree, that's one of the best-looking cases I've seen. Very practical! Alas, it only fitted the standard-carriage SMs; I have one with a slightly wider carriage (15 inches) that came in a dull, ordinary-looking square case.

Richard P said...

Hats off to Herr Winter!

Another case that's in the same league is the '50s fiberglass case for Good Companions.

Robert Messenger said...

Thank for Miguel and Richard.
Miguel, I know what you mean about the wider carriage machines. Those dull, squarer cases tell you nothing about the treasure that likes within, no hint whatsoever. Mind you, that makes the discovery even better, as I found with the cream Monica given to me this year.
Richard, agree entirely about the Imperial case, very, very similar, very appealing, solid and, as you say, of the same vintage, too.

Robert Messenger said...

BTW, forgot to mention, Winter referenced the very nice case Johannes Krüger designed for his Olympia Plana before the war.

notagain said...

I wish I could remember which typospherian stripped one of these down to bare wood and refinished it. It came out lovely.