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Tuesday 18 December 2012

On This Day in Typewriter History: Angeletti’s L-shaped typebars

PART  204
On this day (December 14) in 1925, a young Italian-born New York writer and composer called Joseph Marco Angeletti applied for a patent for a very compact little frontstrike typewriter employing vertically-actuated L-shaped typebars. The case was to be part of the machine.
Angeletti was born in Tivoli on April 24, 1889, and settled in the US in 1913.
In his patent application, Angeletti said an objective was to use “few simple and efficient parts, thereby possibilitating [sic] the manufacture of a more economic, durable and lighter portable typewriter than possible with more complicated and expensive type-actions of other typewriters.”

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Richard P said...

Wow, very cute.

The curved keyboard is very unusual for the 1920s.