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Thursday 27 December 2012

Strange Things Indeed: What I Got For Christmas

1. Mignon typesleeves, from Mark Owen in England.
2. Enesco Musical Nicholas Typewriter, from Jan in Lorn, New South Wales (arrived in the Nick of time).
3. A small portable typewriter from Vera in Adelaide, South Australia. To find out more about it, subscribe to ETCetera and read the "Portables, ETCetera" column in the March 2013 edition.

1 comment:

Miguel Chávez said...

Strange, but fascinating! That musical toy typewriter made me chuckle with the mice's antics. "We all were very good... really..."

Ah, an Oliver portable! I've heard of those; how does it type?

Those type sleeves look very modern, almost current technology; but they predate IBM's golfball type element by a long time, right? Would you happen to have the machine that used them, so that we can take a look? ^^