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Monday 24 December 2012

Typewriter Guard Cat Suffers Injury But Works On

Our wonderful cat Charlie, who guards our typewriters, is soldiering on in his duties despite an injury which makes working life difficult for him. One of his front legs is heavily bandaged and he has a splint. Charlie suffered the injury three weeks ago. Vets have determined he did not tangle with another cat, did not encounter a dog (though he has the heart of Phar Lap) and wasn't bitten by a snake. One remaining possibility is a possum. Whatever it was that left two puncture wounds on his leg has infected him, but Charlie is recovering with the help of the right antibiotics and occasional anti-inflammatories.
Charlie often appears to be sleeping on the job, but is always very alert in the typewriter workshop:
He finds some excellent vantage points:
And generally keeps a keen eye on our typewriters:
When he had the use of two front paws, he used to like joining in the writing sometimes, too:


Richard P said...

Here's wishing Charlie a swift recovery!

Ted said...

Typewriter guard tigers are resilient beings, so we wish yours a quick recovery! (:

notagain said...

That's a good-looking cat! He seems to be soldiering on.