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Sunday 23 December 2012

Typewriters and Tattooed Ladies

What have I started? Ray's comment on my previous post led me, purely out of the same sort of curiosity which had motivated Ray, to do a "typewriter+tattoo" Google image search this morning. Yes, there are a few out there (although I can offer no guarantee that these are all ladies. There may be some gentlemen among them?):
OK, so this young Ukrainian lady does not appear to have a typewriter tattoo, but she does have a Smith-Corona typewriter.
 Is the one to which Ray referred? I wonder
Is the pistol a tattoo? Nice pic anyway.


Richard P said...

Racy stuff (by typospherian standards, anyway). Most of these are really well done. I think the durability of typewriters and tattoos, plus the idea of writing as violently marking a surface, makes this a natural combination.

There's on this topic on my blog, including an essay by one of my students.

Richard P said...

"More on this topic," I meant.

Scott K said...

Some interesting ink there!

Jason said...

I like typewriters as much as the next person but not enough to get a tattoo of one. My wife once showed me all the photographs of typewriters on pinterest. They're all very feminine photos. Since these tattoos are mostly of women, I wonder if there is a correlation between any of these observations.

- a typebarhead said...

Great post idea! I would've never ever come up with that search combination. Ever! Gotta love the internet and typosphere. Curious now what other search combos may yield other interesting results.

notagain said...

This is an interesting post. Are they writers or what?
I still don't get tattoos. I've never thought the skin colors we have made a particularly good background, but even more perplexing is getting a work of art you like in a position where you can't see it yourself.