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Sunday 20 July 2014

Typewriters For Sale - Bargain Prices

These typewriters will not be offered on eBay. Contact me directly if you are interested in any of them. Serious inquiries only. Unfortunately I no longer use PayPal either, so payment will have to be made by direct bank deposit or cash on pick-up.
 New Yost. $650. Display only. Works but ink pad around bottom of typebasket is dry.
Royal 10. $125. Crinkle paint finish.
 USB Underwood 4. $650. Use as a normal typewriter and/or computer keyboard.
 Stoewer Elite. $450. Works. Wooden base board but no cover.
 Klein-Adler 2. $150. QWERTZ keyboard. Works.
 Diamant. $450. Works.
 Oliver 5. $250. Works.
 Bing No 2. $300. Has metal base and cover.
 Bijou (Erika) 1 Folding. $450. Has leather case. 
Perkeo folding. $225.
All 10 $3500.


Bill M said...

Sorry to see you selling some of your machines. Those are all fantastic looking.

Wish I were in the big country down under.

notagain said...

Seriously? the Bijou?
The next one I pay through the nose for will likely be a Bennett or similar.

Robert Messenger said...

Times are VERY tough, Peter. Desperation stakes! I can sell you a Junior or a Bennett.

Ray said...

Hi Robert, I thought I'd alert you here that I emailed you at your hotmail address about one of these machines. Cheerio, Ray.

CoramDeo1981 said...

A friend of mine just gave me a Yost Typewriter as a gift. I believe it to be the one that you're offering for $650. I believe it to be a Yost #3 ( The New Yost ). Hoping to get your thoughts on it , trying to confirm which Yost it is , and how much it's worth. Also wandering if so, is this the exact typewriter Yost and Blavatsky supposedly used to communicate from the grave on ? That really creeps me out. Is there a way for me to send you a picture and you mind helping with this matter ?