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Thursday 18 July 2013

Adler Favorit Thrust-Action Portable Typewriters

 My now "No 2" later-style Favorit
The spare-parts machine now on its way to Scott Kernaghan in Brisbane
 My Klein-Adler No 2
Compare it with my now "No 1" early-style Favorit
The Klein-Adler with my now "No 2" early-style Favorit

Somewhere, some lucky sod owns this one:


TonysVision said...

Oh, yes - I would fall in lust with those chrome-rimmed spool covers also. I also understand the concept of the "sub-obsession", i.e., the need within the overall typewriter collecting obsession to posses a decent representative of a certain model and/or color. As a result of that I now count about four red (or approximately so) Royal P series portables, in various stages of functionality.

Miguel Chávez said...

Those "Little Eagles" are really handsome, indeed! I've only seen one or two examples of their breed in Mexico, and in both cases they were full-grown desktop models with missing Adler logos and not-so-engaging typing action. Right now I'm holding back on buying new typewriters, but might be tempted to break the typewriter chastity if I found a decent Adler around here.

Unknown said...

What a beauty! I love the later additions where the black has silver ribbon covers, looks like whitewall tires on a model T car.
BTW you too can be a lucky SOD found the white one on Ebay, would love to buy it but quite a penny they're offering it for. Keep up the great work, big fan of your blog!