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Saturday 6 July 2013

Rainbow of Portable Typewriters over the Dora Baltea

All the portable typewriters featured in this post were made by Olivetti in Barcelona, Spain.
This bright yellow Mercedes came to me from Filipa Freitas of the Typewriter WorkShop in Berlin. Her beautiful machines can be seen on Etsy. This one came magnificently packed and in great condition.
 Mercedes Super T 
 Olivetti Dora 
 Olivetti Ventura 
 Underwood 315  

Underwood 310
Montgomery Ward Escort 33
Olivetti Lettera 31
Olivetti Italia '90
 Olivetti Class 

A real rainbow over Ivrea. A sight, along with four brightly coloured portable typewriters, to brighten up an otherwise miserably cold, dank day in Canberra.


Possbert said...

Hi Robert. Where do you get ribbons for your Underwood 310? I got a black only ribbon from an Ebayer in the US - the price was ok but postage was a bit of a shocker. Thanks!

Scott K said...

Interesting colour range. I like it. Certainly an improvement on the drabness of most Olivetti machines.

Filipa said...

In Berlin, it is sunny and warm today (which is not so usual :-) but a raibow is always appreciated! I didn't know there were so many variations of the Dora. I am really happy you liked the Mercedes, and thanks a lot for mentioning me.

TonysVision said...

Folks seeing my little display often comment about being surprised at the various colors. But this far surpasses the view of my shelves. Thanks for the colorful start to my morning. You've reminded me of the pretty little green two-tone Remington currently sulking in the dungeon (aka workshop) that only needs a cleaning and a tweak or two.

It is so easy for me in this hemisphere, where we have just gone through a record of seven days of temperatures over 100 F (about 38 C),to forget you are just entering winter. You and Charlie cozy up to that fire and stay warm.

Cheers from the golden, rollin' hills of California

Steve Snow said...

What a hoot, they look fantastic! Mix up the ribbon covers on a few and you've got yourself a fruit salad.