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Saturday 5 October 2013

Another Black Beauty: Rheinmetall portable typewriter

I was thrilled to receive another gorgeous portable typewriter yesterday - this magnificent beast, a 1952 Rheinmetall KsT, arrived safely from Germany. It joins my two other black Rheinmetall portables, both from 1948 (see one of them below). But this is the first one I have owned with the streamlined  top section and enclosed ribbon spools. The carriage is virtually identical to the earlier models, but this top section, with the longer, sloping sides, brings a very special and fresh look to the Rheinmetall portable. I love the rich gold trim, too.

Well, the reputation was established between the wars, and maintained after it.

My other Rheinmetall portables are seen below. My "Portables, ETCetera" column in the December issue of ETCetera will be about the history of Rheinmetall portables:


Unknown said...

I must say that your black and dark red (?) Rheinmetall looks classier than my gray one :)

Richard P said...

Ooh, I love this early '50s model! I have #300796.

I also have another Rheinmetall on the way, a '30s woodgrain machine with italics.

Scott K said...

You're not kidding that it's a Beauty. These guys write like nothing else.

Bill M said...

Those are some wonderful looking typewriters!

Ryan Adney said...

Beautiful typewriters! You have a ver nice collection.

Will Davis said...

I happen to like the newest one best, but I'm strange like that. Nice article! -Will Davis