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Tuesday 8 October 2013

The Big Typewriter Trip

Thursday, October 10, leave Canberra by bus, 5am.
Fly out of Sydney Airport, 10.50am.
 Arrive Los Angeles, Thursday, October 10, 6.45am.
 Fly out of LA, 9.05am, arrive Kansas City, 2.28pm.
Fly out of Kansas City, 4.15pm, arrive Cincinnati, 6.57pm.
Meet Richard Polt (for the first time!).
Friday, October 11, drive with Richard Polt from Cincinnati
to Morgantown, West Virginia. Meet (all for the first time!):
Mike Brown
Mike Campbell
Dennis Clark
David Davis
Will Davis
Giuliano Fanutti (Italy)
Don Feldman
Martin Howard (Canada)
JP Huard
Dean Jones
Hermann Kerz (Germany)
Jett Morton
Fritz Niemann (Germany)
Mark Petersen
Richard Polt
Herman Price
Marty Rice
Paul Robert (Netherlands)
Alan Seaver
Peter Weil
This is a list of just 20 of the 40 attending Herman's gathering, those that I know are/were planning to be there.
From left, Peter Weil, Jett Morton, Herman Price.
On Thursday week, October 17, Herman will be celebrating his 62nd birthday.


Scott K said...

Looking like an epic journey there Robert. You need a theme song.

Robert Messenger said...

I thought I had one in a paraphrased version of Country Roads, Scott, but then Rob Bowker pointed out Joni Mitchell had actually recorded a song called Morgantown! Nice tune, too.

Miguel Chávez said...

An epic voyage, indeed! Enjoy your trip, and take plenty of pictures!

Richard P said...

Amazing how you can arrive in LA earlier than you left Sydney, thanks to that International Date Line. Happy trails and see you soon!

Steve Snow said...

Bon voyage Robert. Bring a real fat comfy neck pillow for the plane and a camera to document the occasion(s) and beam them back to Australia through this Internet medium

Rob Bowker said...

Robert, perhaps you would be so kind as to extend my greetings and apologies for not being able to make it to join the throng. I'll be there in spirit. Have fun!

Ryan Adney said...

Sounds like jolly good fun. I wish I could make it. As Rob said, say hello to everyone for me.