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Friday 4 October 2013

International Typewriter Collectors' Convention, Milwaukee, August 7-10, 2014

This just arrived in the mail today. I won't be able to make it - it was this one next August or Herman Price's Gathering this month for me, and I chose the latter. I had to strike while my iron was hot. But others may be interested in registering here.

Unfortunately, you're a bit late (by exactly 90 years and three weeks) to register for this one - the 4th Vienna Office Exhibition. But it does nonetheless look very enticing:


TonysVision said...

That's a very fine announcement you came up with for that 1923 Vienna exhibition. I love the graphics and fonts used in the 1920's. I believe this is the period of the Arts and Crafts Movement, or Craftsman Style, although the latter may most often be applied to architecture. I stood and pawed over a lovely 1920's book beautifully embellished in that style yesterday, but dropped it, aghast at the astronomical price of $60. Not 20 minutes later I eagerly handed over that amount for a rusty typewriter.

Richard P said...

Truly a gorgeous poster for Vienna.

shordzi said...

I am amazed by the graphics of the Vienna Poster. A little google-dee-doo reveals that it is the work of Wilhelm Willrab (1897-1973). Amazing artist.

Some of his works here:

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Tony, Richard and Georg for your comments. Georg, that link is very interesting, some great images. Tony, I would do the same thing, don't worry!