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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Slices of Heaven (From The Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum, Fairmont, West Virginia)

Here's a little song a New Zealander, Dave Dobbyn, wrote about Herman Price's Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum in Fairmont, West Virginia - venue of the sixth annual Typewriter Gathering last weekend. By all means ignore the song, but please have a look at some of Herman's slices of heaven::

 Rheinmetall standard with "ergonomic" keyboard.
 Mignon with Fraktur font.


Rob Bowker said...

I get the feeling this is going to be a rich seam. Glad you didn't run out of film and thanks for more glimpses of Herman's collection. Might there be glass fronted mahogany cases on the way to Canberra sometime soon?

Spiderwebz said...

That's one fine collection! I like the Foxes. Never heard of them before. That white (!!!) Student is stunning too.

Scott K said...

Oh... Oh... Oh! Could write an entire blog on what I love in these photos. Such beautiful machines!

Bill M said...

Thanks for showing us all those wonderful typewriters! I can't imagine seeing the Museum and then on to see Richard's fine collection. I think the entire experience would be overwhelming.

Looking forward to the rest of your reports.

nat said...

Oh... *ahem*... *fans myself*...
Those, are magnificent and scrumptious looking machines! Can't wait for your other posts Rob! :D

Thanks heaps:3