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Monday 7 October 2013

Why Football Officials Need Typewriters

This typecast was typed on the Remington portable seen above. It has no country of origin marked, so I am assuming it was made in the United States. It's serial number is V870399. The impression I get from the Typewriter Age Guide (October 1971) is that it is called a Remington No 5 "Par" Model (or is it simply a Model 5 with a crinkle paint finish? Or a Standard 5?). Either way, the serial number would put it probably into 1940 or 1941, as V750000 had been reached by the No 5 in 1938 and by the "Par" in 1939. The "Self- Starter" key is simply a tabulator. In newspaper parlance, "par" usually means "new paragraph" (that is, intent). On his Remington portables page on The Classic Typewriter Page, Richard Polt mentions "No. 5 'Par' Model: prefix V or EV, 1933-1939", but I can find no reference to it elsewhere, and the information from the Typewriter Age Guide is repeated on Dirk Schumann's and Ted Munk's databases. To add to the confusion, I have also seen a "boxy" 5 listed as a "Par" Model.

The referee queries the "typing error" of All Blacks manager Darren Shand (black track suit). See.

My handiwork when I haunted a printing shop, aged 10.


Bill M said...

Have a great time on your trip. I wish I could be there.

I miss Australian Rules Football. I used to watch it when I lived in Pennsylvania. Here in Florida none of the TV of CATV channels carry it.

Robert Messenger said...

I really wish I could have met up with you, too, Bill.
Interesting comment on Australian football. We hear that Americans like to watch it, but usually take that with a grain of salt. I remember a scene in "Northern Exposure" many moons ago when the ex-astronaut watched what he called "Australian rugby" on TV in an Alaskan bar.

Jasper Lindell said...

Have an excellent time!

And I'll try my very best to manage the Canberra arm of the Typosphere on my own in your absence.

TonysVision said...

I know that pre-trip feeling of general anxiety very well. Most of it vanishes as soon as I find my seat on the plane.

I purchased a Remington No. 5 recently that looks quite similar to that Remington portable, simply because of the "Self Starter" key. I could use one of those, I thought.

Richard P said...

Maybe sleepless nights will get you adjusted to my time zone!

Don't worry, Robert, you are MY hero.

Will Davis said...

Don't forget that WE are looking very much forward to meeting YOU, too! It's going to be amazing.

Rob Bowker said...

Get some sleep, or at least enjoy the insomnia. How about ambrosia for a midnight snack?

Scott K said...


In all honesty, I'm rather happy that this footy season is over. As a Fitzroy supporter (with no intention of changing after the merger) I found the drug-taking antics of this year's controversy amusing but tiring.

I went to school in Essendon, and my Essendon supporting former school-mates were all crying foul over the drug debacle.

Roll on next year.
Bring back the lions!