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Wednesday 2 October 2013

Give Her a Typewriter ... Pegge Parker Colour Ad

In August, while searching for a colour image of Mary McCarthy typing, I stumbled across this colour advert from the back page of LIFE magazine (of October 23, 1944). This led to a post on the fascinating (yet little known) American journalist and writer Pegge Parker. In turn, the post led to many very positive comments and to a very nice email from Pegge's husband, the writer John Hlavacek, now 95, who is working on another book about his late wife. All of which encouraged me to get a hold of a copy of the original magazine (which arrived from the US yesterday) and to scan in some large resolution images of the ad. So here they are, feel free to use them. (By the way, in case you did not read the original Pegge Parker post, "Pegge Parker and the CIA's First Atomic Spy", she was NOT a smoker.)


Bill M said...

Interesting note about not being a smoker. IF I remember some of the criticism of the cigarette ads of the time was that the companies used famous non-smoker people to push their product.

I like all the neat old LIFE magazines.

Thanks for posting.

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Bill. What would I do without you?