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Sunday 7 October 2012

Dream On, Typewriter Lady

I'm so cheered up by my fellow Typospherians that I'm going to imagine meeting this lovely lady while handing in my latest typescript at Flammarions and we're having dinner at Le Grand Colbert on Rue Vivienne at eight.  As they say in The Castle, "Tell him he's dreamin' ".
PS: Her name is Ujana.


Scott K said...

Ha ha ha ha...

I've been recently suggesting to a few other Typoshperians that have been corresponding to a few of us in Australia to watch that movie I'd dare say that a lot of it will probably go over their heads, but I needed to suggest something to counter 'Crocodile Dundee'.

Have a great dinner Rob! And yes, the lady is indeed beautiful.

Richard P said...

Cheers, Ujana and Robert!

Robert Messenger said...

Sadly the pumpkin leaves at midnight.