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Sunday 21 October 2012

Olive Green (Olivetti) Invicta Portable Typewriter

The green Invicta from the late Tilman Elster's Collection. The serial number on this one is 128857 and the serial number on my green Invicta is 130815.
The black Invicta and black Olivetti from my collection
The Harrods I sold some years ago
The "Olivetti Corner" in what was once my dining room


Richard P said...

Bellissima macchina!

maschinengeschrieben said...

Sono d'accordo con Ricardo: Che bella!

Ton S. said...

Incredible. Never seen or heard of an Invicta before, it's not listed in the line-up of Ivrea machines in the sources I've read. It looks like a cross between Ico and Studio 42. If you ever acquire more info on Invicta, let us know. Geez, just when I'm about to declare typewriter chastity, you gave me one more to add to my grail list!

Very cool Olivetti corner. Do I see a white Studio 42 under that black Invicta? That has been in my grail list although I've always thought of it as permanently elusive. I (mistakenly) thought a white Studio 42 was custom-made exclusively for the Vatican.

Well, Robert, your post just made me stand on my head. Thanks!

mpclemens said...

Robert, reading your posts always satiates my desire to hunt down exotic models on eBay: your examples are always far prettier (and better-researched!) than the ones that catch my eye. Your blog is helping keep my marriage happy!

michaeliany said...

No typospherian has more consistent quality posts!

Love getting the email that there's a new entry in oztypewriter.

The Olivetti corner - I'm envious, green as your new invictus!

L Casey said...

An absolutely beautiful typewriter. I have always been fond of the earlier Olivettis, and this is right up there with them! The color is great, and it looks like a fantastic typer. Congrats!

Also, the Olivetti corner...delicious!

Jasper Lindell said...

When I saw this come up on eBay I thought it couldn't have been too common. Although, if I've never heard of a typewriter before there's two possibilities.
One, it isn't very good and it isn't worth looking at.
Two (this is the most likely case), it is completely out of my league, and is indeed quite rare.
This lovely little Invicta obviously fits the second option -- especially if you have added it to your permanent collection, Robert.
I have to agree with the comments people have made above: you really do have the most consistently brilliant posts, Robert, something that I know I could only aspire to and that I won't be achieving any time soon.

notagain said...

sweet machine! I notice the Harrods machine's badge reads "invicta ltd., Turin" maybe that's a clue to the history as it's not Ivrea?