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Friday 5 July 2013

Morale Booster, ETCetera

Unquestionably the high point of a difficult week for me was the arrival yesterday of the latest edition of ETCetera (June 2013, No 102). I gather this issue was produced by editor Alan Seaver under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.  If that is indeed the case, it is an even more remarkable edition and a tribute the Alan's efforts to get it out at all. 
The journal contains a fine article by Martin Howard on the Shimer typewriter and a yet another enthralling Ephemera section from Peter Weil. My column is on Japanese typewriters. There's also a great photo from Devin Thompson.
This week's International Sports History conference took me out of not only my comfort zone but also what I have come to sense as my safety zone: the warm and caring worldwide community of typewriter collectors. This latest ETCetera has quickly slotted me right back where I really belong.
I mean, when someone like Richard Polt goes to the trouble of commenting on posts while he is in London, you just know you are among true friends. Thank you, also, to Miguel, Vikram, Bill, Ted, Tony and Rob for staying in touch this week. Without you it would have felt like a week almost completely devoid of human company - that is, the company of people with some warm blood coursing through their veins.
There was a dinner discussion last weekend - inspired by Australia's political turmoil - about who you'd like to have beside you if you ever "went over the top" from the trenches on the Western Front. I'd pick a Typospherian every time! These are the "mates" you want to be surrounded by.
OK, now that I'm back in the real world, expect some more real typewriter-related posts ...


Bill M said...

Typospheirans to the rescue!

Enjoy your latest ETCetera and hope you have a great week end.

Peter said...

I enjoyed my issue of the current ETCetera. The article on Japanese machines was very interesting! Looks like the new editor continues the fine work of his predecessor.

Miguel Chávez said...

Vive la Typosphere!

Richard P said...

"Goes to the trouble"? I wouldn't miss your blog! The typosphere helps keep me connected to friends, too.

Steve Snow said...

The internet is capable of some awful things, but gee it can work wonders too! I echo what Miguel said, only with poorer pronunciation.