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Friday 12 October 2012

12,000 See Typewriter Exhibition

Official word came through from the Canberra Museum and Gallery yesterday that just under (short by six!) 12,000 people had visited the typewriter exhibition from July 14-September 16. 
When the museum ran out of brochures half way through the exhibition and had to go to a re-print, I realised the figures were high, though not this high!
By my reckoning that's about 1500 a week, or 215 a day, or 30 an hour. Shows some ongoing interest in so-called "obsolete technology".


mpclemens said...

If intention counts, please add another number. I was there in spirit, if not in presence. And I waved across the Pacific, too. Congratulations on a successful show!

Scott K said...

Well, you see.... I'm not the only person that was excited about your exhibit to go out of their way and see it. That's the population of a medium sized town!

Richard P said...