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Sunday 26 January 2014

'Cross America on a Dime'

This wonderful photograph of 18-year-old Harvey Dyar Haddard was taken in the publicity department of the World's Fair in New York in mid-June 1940. Harvey had graduated from the Schuylkill Haven High School only a few days earlier (June 13). He is seen writing a story called Cross America on a Dime, detailing his "travels since he left home with 10 cents in his pocket".
Home was Merchanicsburg, Pennsylvania, where he was born on January 29, 1922. Harvey served in the US army reserve from 1943-45, received his BS Degree in 1948 and MEd Degree in 1949 and was awarded his Doctor of Education degree in 1965 from Pennsylvania State University, where he wrote Achievement Motivation in Relation to Academic Achievement.
Harvey became a school psychologist, was a member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and professor of psychology at Lock Haven State College from 1965. He was director of Project Upward Bound at Lock Haven State, a youth program funded by the federal and state governments which provided opportunities for advanced learning and skills to high school youths who otherwise would have been deprived of the chance to qualify for post-high school education. 
Harvey died in Lock Haven, aged 83, on October 28, 2005. 


Bill M said...

Sure would be wonderful to be able to cross the USA on a dime.

I'm surprised I never heard of him before. I grew up not far from Mechanicsburg and went to PSU. Knew quite a few teachers and grads from Lock Haven too.

Great work Robert. I do not know how much you must research to find all the great articles from the States; I am glad you do.

Keep writing -- I keep learning.

Richard P said...

What a neat photo.

It's funny, I recently got a 1940 Remington Deluxe Noiseless that looks very much like the machine in the photo -- but the end of my carriage return lever turns up, not down! (Maybe that's what's "deluxe" about it.)