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Monday 13 January 2014

Word Processing. Typewriters Still a Wonder

This advert appeared in 1983. Today, LJK Enterprises proudly boasts that, having been incorporated in 1980, it is "one of the oldest computer firms around".  It developed the Perfect series of software:  Letter Perfect, Data Perfect, Spell Perfect and Simply Perfect. It "currently concentrates on keeping your machines up and running and operating efficiently ... data backups and restores and data recovery."
I'm a little bemused by the word "was" in the ad's reference to typewriters. My Olivers type letters perfectly. They spell words pretty much perfectly, too. Indeed, I'd say they are very close to being simply perfect. I think Marty Rice would agree about Olivers.
For all their age, they stay up and running and operating efficiently all the time, and don't require data backup, restores or recovery, since they're not liable to lose anything.
"Was a wonder?" Still IS ahead of the pack, I'd say. VERY hard to beat!

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