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Monday 20 January 2014

Tiny Typewriters

Found along with more typewriter ribbon tins (see previous post) were these small typewriters, which missed out when I posted on the "Smallest Typewriter Collection" back in August last year. 
This ornate typewriter (temporarily missing one of its keytops - it'll be buried away somewhere hard to find) is a musical box.
This is a cigarette lighter, not that I need such a thing any more!
These are two of my Limoges typewriters, the one on the right (with QERTY keyboard) bought at the Alhambra in Granada a couple of years ago (of all places - but I had to bring one typewriter home from Spain!).
The red plastic typewriter, back left, is the only wind-up toy typewriter of this size I have ever seen. The carriage moves backward and forward after pressing the keyboard.
One for Ryan Adney?
Try typing with this one!


Richard P said...

So cute!

TonysVision said...

These are fascinating. It's difficult to visualize how small they are, though, without some common object for relative scale. A thumbtack perhaps, or a bit of a ruler.

Vikram said...

That wind-up one is definitely my favorite. Cool!