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Friday 10 January 2014

Expanded Typewriter Display

Taking on board the many kind and generally helpful comments on my typewriter display post of a few days ago, I have invested in a few more sets of shelves from op-shops and recycling centres and got most of the typewriters which were on bare floor off bare floor. This has also allowed me to add typewriters and turn a few things around. Thanks especially to Richard Polt, Nick Beland and Tony Mindling for their comments. I am using large clear plastic drop sheets, which are cheap and light, easy to throw over and to take off again, to protect the typewriters as much as possible from dust and typewriter guard cat hair. Here's how it looks now. It looks cluttered but there is still plenty of room to walk around and get a close look at all the machines, and things of interest to look at other than just typewriters. There are now about 220 typewriters on display, and I may swap some from time to time with other typewriters still upstairs. Overall, I'm a lot happier with it. Visitors welcome.
 Right wall upon entry
 Back right corner
 Left back wall
Back wall
 Left back wall
 Left back wall corner
 Left front wall
 Computer corner. Computer has USB Underwood set up.

 Right side all
Right wall

Front part of right wall
 Front section
 Front of right wall

New glass-doored cabinet for gold-plated typewriters and Corona animal keyboard. An Oliver is on the bottom for ballast. I think it's the heaviest machine I own.

 Front side left wall


Unknown said...

What a magical room! The plastic sheeting sounds like a great idea; now I'm seriously tempted to get out a few typewriters on display at least.

Jasper Lindell said...

It only gets better!

Steve Snow said...

Hats off, sir. It looks like a wonderful home you have in that museum.

Kristina Halleran said...

That is an amazing collection......I found your blog doing a bit of research. I wanted to send you an email to see if you would have a moment to give me an opinion on which typewriter to purchase for my daughter, but did not see it here. There is great historical info on your blog but I am still at a loss. My daughter is 8 but an old soul and I know she would be thrilled to receive a vintage typewriter for her next birthday. Currently watching a few on ebay..... 1.Royal Arrow 2. Webster XL-747 and 3. Brother Deluxe. All are working. My question would be your consideration on which I might still be able to get ribbon for and just the overall quality. If you had a moment to answer I would be so very grateful.

Thank you, Kristin Halleran you can email at

Nat said...

And the work pays off - that is a splendid display Robert!

TonysVision said...
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TonysVision said...

Anyone fortunate to enter your magical home will be filled with wonder, awe, delight, and desire. Especially, I don't think anyone could pass by the red/yellow/orange sections without being overcome with lust. That was the kind of desire causing me to spend way to many $$$ on a Valentine way back last February when my typewriter problem first presented. But I am so glad I did - it is just delightful. Wonderful photos. Truly, you have a land of Oz there. How fortunate those who are able to enter, view and discuss at leisure your wonderful collection.

mcget said...

You have a Red Square there in Australia! I wonder if we type faster when using a red machine? cheers and thanks for the great photographs.

Scott K said...

Oh my. This is looking better and better! I love that shelf with your gold machines. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful display - and what a collection. I'd like, if I may, to say how I like the little folding table that has the Corona and Underwood on - that is a handy little thing to bring along!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful display! I'd like to say how I like the folding table that has the Corona and the Underwood on - it's a very handy thing for on the road and very elegant.

Bill M said...

Very nicely arranged room full of great typewriters! I really like your red wall.

I wondered how to keep a collection of displayed typewriters free of dust and dirt. I do not display mine due to lack of room and covering. I use beach towels for my radios and cannot imagine how many would be needed to cover just my few typewriters. I'd probably have them covered more than on display. I guess even if I had room I'd let them in their case.

I really do admire those,, like you, who have room and do display their collection.

Do you have your collection arranged by manufacturer or year or any particular grouping?

Fine work Robert.