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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Pete Seeger and The Lion King

Orpheus Myron McAdoo, the inspiration behind Solomon Linda's
original version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
McAdoo is buried in Waverley Cemetery, Sydney.
Solomon Linda, left, with his Evening Birds in 1939
The Tokens
The Weavers perform Wimoweh at Cafe Society Downtown, New York, on July 17, 1951. The group is, from foreground, Ronnie Gilbert, Pete Seeger (significantly on banjo), Lee Hays and Fred Hellerman on guitar.
Orpheus McAdoo with the The Virginia Concert Company and Jubilee Singers in Australia.
McAdoo's Sydney grave, above, and his death certificate, below:
 Solomon Linda and the Evening Birds
Solomon Lindy's daughters:


Bill M said...

Although no typewriters I really like this post. I grew up with the song and wondered about its origin. It never sounded like an American song or a song from Europe -- only a song that could have come from Africa.

Not surprising about Disney. They are an insult to Walt. Would you like to hear of all the problems in their parks? I've very strictly kept from spending one cent on anything Disney even when my children were small.

Richard P said...

This is an amazing story, and a fascinating piece of musical archeology. Good for Pete Seeger for at least trying to do the right thing!

Suggestion: add a little digital text so that people searching for information on this can find your article through some keywords. It deserves to be read.

Anonymous said...

Great how you make these intercontinental connections, and still end up in Sydney! Thanks for this great article.

Don Lampert said...

Rip dear Pete! And is that a Royal FP with the carbon ribbon attachment he's using at the end!!??