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Thursday 23 January 2014

Favourite US Typewriter Shop

After his exhaustive Google Street View search for typewriter shops across the US, Richard Polt is now running an interesting contest here.
There are, by my count, 104 typewriter shops to pick from. Of these, seven particularly appealed to me, for various reasons.
But when I read about the contest, my first thought was to look for something that, even if only vaguely, somehow resembled the Milwaukee workshop where the Sholes & Glidden first began to take shape in 1867.
Here is that shop:
 And here is the shop that took my fancy:
 But this one was a very close second:
Now I have to find something that rhymes with "Kleinsteuber's" (not sure even how to pronounce it!), but Hunter's, Elm Street, West Springfield, Massachusetts, should be no problem at all.
Others I like:
. Tom Furrier's, just because it was Tom Furrier's.
. Baltimore, Maryland.
. Houston, Texas (lovely).
. Roanoke, Kentucky (sort of weird).
. South Bend, Indiana.

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Richard P said...

This sounds promising!